Automotive sensors for more driving comfort

Measuring technology for the 52K, 54K, 58K, 63K, and 64K applications

Capacitive sensors are used in various areas of vehicle construction. For example:

  • Stability tests on body and chassis
  • Transfer of motor oscillations to other components

For this purpose the sensors and the measuring equipment connected to them, including cables must meet special requirements:

  • Frequency response from 0 Hz DC (readings even when nothing moves)
  • Usable frequency of up to 2.5 kHz
  • Large temperature tolerance between -25° C and +100° C

We offer sensors with measuring ranges between +/- 1 g and +/-200 g. Moreover, we have individual housings that have been specifically adjusted to be used in passenger cars or trucks. Take advantage of our advice as to what requirements of shock stability your sensors have to meet and which cable enables unaltered data transmission. We are happy to stand by you with our experience and the facilities of our measuring and calibration lab.