Sensor systems for operational stability in passenger cars and trucks

Large range of application at temperatures from -25° C to 100° C

In the automotive sector it is important to be able to predict how components will act under strain and how the operational stability changes in the course of time. For this range of applications in passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and construction machines we have developed sensors that can measure from 0 Hz DC and have a usable frequency range of up to app. 2.5 kHz. Beyond that, our capacitive sensors offer a few more advantages:

  • Can be used from -25° C to 100° C
  • Measuring ranges up to +/- 500 g
  • Various housing types (dimensions, material) for different applications
  • High shock stability

To match these requirements, we equip our sensors with flexible, robust cables that can run through the vehicle without any problems.