Capacitive, triaxial accelerometers

Broad range of application with buildings, bridges, vehicles, and more

For a long time, triaxial sensor technology from Germany has enjoyed a reputation that is as excellent as the measuring results. Unfortunately, that often leads to neglect of the peripheral devices: Cables, housings, calibration, and coordination of the respective surroundings ranging from a car in a crash test to the planning of a huge container ship.
We cooperate with component suppliers from Germany who share our standards regarding reliability and precision, from the cord via the insulation to the housing. We carefully calibrate and test every sensor.
You will thus get:

  • Exact measurements from 0 Hz DC, even when nothing moves yet
  • A usable frequency of up to app. 2.5 kHz
  • Large temperature tolerance of up to –25° C and +100° C
  • Measuring ranges between +/- 1 g and +/- 200 g according to your requirements
  • Signal reinforcement (analogous or CAN-BUS) with signal span of +/- 2,000 mV or +/- 4,000 mV

Compact size for new dimensions

Our triaxial accelerometers combine three space and requirement dimensions: Design, precision, load capacity. They cover a large field of application and are adapted to the respective requirements: Various housings, cables in accordance with the requirements, and a calibration that encompasses our concentrated experience in measuring technology. For anyone who wants to go further yet IMUs (Inertial Messurement Units) offer even more measurement possibilities than to date. We rely on proven quality by partners from Germany. We thereby achieve short communication channels and fast delivery times.

Contact us and discover new dimensions of sensor achievement.

ModelEffective directionMeasuring rangesSensitivityMaterialTemperature rangeData sheet
Sansors BST-63K1A-005
triaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-64K1E-010
triaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gStainless steel-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-64K1A-050
triaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-67K3-1,5
triaxial1,5g to 15g1000mV/g to 100mV/gAluminium-20° to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-67K3F-15
triaxial1,5g to 15g1000mV/g to 100mV/gAluminium-20° to 80°CPDF