Capacitive, uniaxial accelerometers

For temperatures from -25° to 100° C, measurement ranges up to 200 g, and frequencies from 0 Hz to 2,5 kHz

We deliver sensors for measuring accelerations at a measuring point of axles: The applications range from comfort applications to critical fields such as crash tests. For supposedly simple sensors with only one measuring axle, quality is all the more important. We use high-value cables and accessories from Germany, assemble them in accordance with your specifications, and calibrate them. Of course, we are also available for counseling and repair of capacitive sensors.
Your advantages:

  • Measurements even at 0 Hz (DC). You will receive measurement readings even when nothing moves!
  • Usable frequency from 0 Hz to app. 2.5 kHz
  • High measuring accuracy, even with extreme temperatures up to -25° C and + 100° C
  • Measuring ranges between +/- 1 g and +/- 200 g
  • Reinforced voltage signal with signal span of +/- 2,000 mV or +/- 4,000 mV
  • Analogous signal

High-value measuring technology for your scope of application

More signal and less background noise, be it banging, shaking or swaying. High accuracy is essential over a lengthy period of time, among others when buildings are measured.
With cars, buses, and trucks high precision is a core obligation as well. Furthermore, the sensors used in this environment have to meet quite different requirements: Aluminum or stainless steel housings that can stand weather conditions and mechanical strain. We work with suppliers who can cater to our specifications for shockproof housings and flexible cables. A signal can only be as clear as the cable quality will permit. We prefer to use cables with a low microphonic effect. Among others, our uncompromising selection pays off with the data collection in rail vehicles. Uniaxiality can open up many new roads for you.

Like us, our suppliers and partners are from Germany. This enables us to have a close contact with customers, reliable results, and short delivery times. Talk with us about your project

ModelEffective directionMeasuring rangesSensitivityMaterialTemperature rangeData
Sansors BST-51K-15
uniaxial1,5g to 15g1000mV/g to 100mV/gAluminium-20° to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-52k1-005
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-20° to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-53k1-050
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-25° to 100°CPDF
Sensor BST-53k1E
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gStainless steel-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-54K1-002
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium/ stainless steel-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-55K1A-010
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-25° to 100°CPDF
Sansors BST-56K3-015
uniaxial1,5g to 15g1000mV/g to 100mV/gAluminium-20° to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-58K1-050
uniaxial2g to 200g2000mV/g to 20mV/gAluminium-25° to 100°CPDF