Piezo-resistive, triaxial accelerometers

High precision for demanding measurements

Our sensors are very particular, even when the worst comes to the worst. Our piezo-resistive accelerometers are, among others, applied in vehicle safety tests and crash test dummies. Therefore they have to meet special demands:

  • Compact construction for constricted rooms
  • Damping rates between 0.05 and 0.7
  • Signal of a full bridge with supply between 3 V DC and 10 V DC direct current voltage

Put out your feelers

Small, cube-shaped accelerometers that weigh only from app. 12 grams transmit data to you from spots that are hard to reach. Flexible cables with a low microphonic effect and robust connections make sure that the signal arrives unbiased and with minimum random noise. Thanks to the very good frequency behavior of up to app. 3.5 kHz (5 %) you can use the sensors for many applications with vehicles. We calibrate the modules in accordance with your requirements and integrate all necessary parts such as Dallas ID module and shunt resistance.
Get a triaxial sensing element that meets the demands of SAE J211 and comes up to your expectations. With IMUs (Inertial Messurement Unit) you get even more possibilities for measuring than you have until now. We have the right solution for you!

ModelEffective directionMeasuring rangesSensitivity mV/V/gDamping ratioMaterialTemperature range
Sensors BST-24C-2000
triaxial100g to 2000g0,1/0,0160,7Aluminium-20 to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-26C-1000
triaxial100g to 2000g0,1/0,0160,7Aluminium-20 to 80°CPDF
Sansors BST-27C-1000
triaxial100g to 2000g0,1/0,0160,7Aluminium-20 to 80°CPDF