Current Probe

Sensors with high Precision for Crash-Tests and many other Tests

New in our product portfolio are Current Probes the model line BST CU-xx. The applications are automotive Crash tests as well like many other car tests and applications.

The BST CU-xx has a very small aluminium housing and can easily mount with a clap system around the measuring cable. Each connector type can be mounted at the very tough cable sensor cable. The sensor is available with Shunt and Dallas ID-Modul

A measuring ranges goes from 15A and 40A for the small diameter, in the next step up to 1500A. The excitation is between 4,5 V dc and 10.5 V dc. The signal span is around 500 mV at 10 Vdc supply. With this specification is the sensor very easy connectable to common data acquisition systems.

ModellMeasuring rangesSensitivityMaterial
Current Probe BST-CU-05
to 25A3,5mV/V/AAluPDF
Current Probe BST-CU-05
to 40A2,5mV/V/AAluPDF
Current Probe BST-CU-10
to 150A2,0 mV/V/AAluPDF
Current Probe BST-CU-19
to 500A3,5 mV/AAluPDF